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Font Choices

If you would like to choose your own website text fonts please make a note of:


1. Your preferred LOGO font name.

2. Your preferred TITLE font name.

3. Your preferred BODY font name.


If you can't find a font you like below then please visit: You can choose from 1000's of fonts here, simply let us know the name of the font you have chosen. 

TIP: Make sure your logo font works well with and compliments the title font. You may wish to use the same font for both the logo and titles. If you like the fonts used on a different HWD website than the one you have chosen, just let us know to do the same fonts as example 'Capri template'.



LOGO: This is the font that your business name will be in, for example 'EVA MONROE'.

TITLES: These are the page names you see at the top of each page, for example 'Introduction'.

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BODY TEXT: This is the text that all of your paragraphs will be in.

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When you have made a note of the names of your Logo, Title and Body text return to the Design Form.

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