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Create your custom design

Your 10 day custom website design time frame begins only when we have received your text, all pictures and the form below.

The Design Form below should take 5 minutes to complete if you have the following:


 1) Your preferred website colors 

These will be used throughout the website. Pick your 1 or 2 favorite colors from here and make a note of the HEX # (like this: #FF5733). Do not include white or black because this is likely already your main page background color.


 2) Your website text font choices 

Visit our font selection page and make a note of the name of your chosen logo font, title font and body text font. You can also choose any font from here:

DON'T FORGET! To have your website text prepared like this: 'Page Name: Text'.

You will also need your pictures back from the photographer. If they're super large (always preferred) send them in batches of 10 per email. Please email your text and pictures to us here.