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You need to login to your website admin area to begin editing. You can login with

the website username and password you provided when submitting your content.



How to Login


You must be on a laptop or computer to edit your website. You can not edit on a phone or ipad. To login click on the Admin text link which is located in the footer area next to your website's copyright information. A popup box will appear in the center of the page. Type in your website username & password to login.


The page will now refresh and you will see your website is in 'edit mode' and ready for you to begin editing.


Notice the top toolbar? It's pretty self explanatary and you can click through and see what everything does but here's a brief description of what each symbol stands for.



Toolbar top row from left to right


Save: Click this when you are happy with the changes you have made and want to save your work.


 Files: When you upload a file (picture, video etc) this is the folder that it will be kept in.


 Edit: When you click on this you will notice a new left side toolbar appear. This has all the options you need to edit your website. The most useful part of this left side bar is 'Page' and 'Page Master'. Your website comes in 3 parts. The Page, Page Master and Page Footer. The Page is what you will edit most. The Page Master contains content that appears on every page, you add it to the Page Master to save you having to add the same content to every page. Click on 'Page Master' to see what content you have there. To access your Page Footer click on the down arrow on the left side of Page Master now click on Page Footer. You will now be able to edit all content in your Page Footer.


Insert: Click on insert in the top toolbar and a new sidebar will appear with lots of options of things to insert into your website pages, for example; body text, title text, contact forms, link buttons, pictures and more.


Pages: Click on this to add a new page, organise your pages, copy or delete a page.


Design: Use this to change your website size and background.


Blog: When you click on Blog you will see all of your options appear, click through Dashboard, Post List, Comment List and Settings to see all of the editing options available to you.


Shop: We do not set up a shop for you with our pre built website option however you do have the option to add a shop to your website yourself. You will need a paypal account. If you would like a Hottie Designer to integrate a shop into your website please contact us using the Booking Form to request a quote.


 Mobile: This gives you the option to choose how your website is displayed on mobile phones. By default your site is always set to 'Use desktop view' so that it appears exactly the same on a mobile phone and ipad as it does on a laptop or computer.


 Services: A few service recommendations that could be useful for your business!


 Admin: Here you can view your site information, statistics and restrict site access all in the click of a button. If you wish to take your website down with the option of bringing it back at a later date click on Site Access and choose 'Restrict my whole site'. When you wish to reopen your website, sign in and click on 'My site is visible'.



Toolbar bottom row from left to right


See the drop down box with Page: this tells you what page you are currently on. Scroll through to visit a different page.


Click on the Upload green arrow to upload pictures and files.


Trash Can - Click on an object you wish to delete to highlight it and then click the Trash Can to delete it.


On the far right side of the top toolbar you will see a button called View my site click on this to view your website the same as any visitor would see it. If you have not already saved your work it will always ask you to save first or you will lose any changes you have made.



 Pretty simple right? Visit the links above for the step by step guide on how to edit text, pictures, banners and more!


If there's anything you're not sure about get in touch: [email protected]