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What payment methods do you accept?

Templates and Pre-Built Websites: Setup and design must be paid for online via this website with your debit or credit card. Pre-Built Custom and Custom Designed Websites: Bank transfer or online credit card payment accepted. The person who subscribes to this service (pays) must be the person who is actually using the website.


How do I update my credit card details?

Visit and fill in your information under 'Search/Cancel a Subscription' you will then get the opportunity to 'Update Payment Information'. There is no need to cancel your subscription in order to update your credit card information.


My hosting payment failed to rebill, what do I do?

Your subscription will be automatically cancelled if a payment has failed to go through. Please contact your bank to find out what the issue is. An email notice that you need to re-subscribe will be sent to you. Please resubscribe within 7 days to keep your website online. You may want to consider choosing the discounted 3 month recurring hosting payment option so you get billed less frequently. Please re-subscribe here.


I no longer need my site, how do I cancel my hosting?

It's quick and easy to cancel your website hosting subscription. You can cancel your subscription by visiting and clicking the red button on the front page called 'Manage Order'. Or contact me and I will cancel your future hosting payments for you immediately (you will receive email notification as soon as your subscription is cancelled).


I need my site taken down for a period of time, is this possible without losing it?

Yes, so long as you have not cancelled your hosting subscription I can temporarily take down the site for as long as necessary. When you wish to resume using the website, I will reactivate your website and everything will continue as normal!


What's the best way to contact you?

I work exclusively through email because emails are an essential part of my organization process and also because my clients are located in Europe, USA, Asia and Oceania and so phone calls are costly and impractical due to different time zones. With over a decade of experience as a web designer I am confident that I can offer the most efficient support possible to my clients via email.

How much does a site cost?

It costs $249 for a template, $895 for a pre-built custom website and $1350 for a custom design. Your website hosting costs from $39 p/m (when paid every 90 days). Check the price in your currency here.


How do I buy a website?

Visit the page 1. Choose (see top menu) and choose the type of website that you want. Next visit 2. Buy in the main menu and click on the payment link. After successfully making your payment visit 3. Create to submit your website content. For a custom designed website visit Order Custom Design.


What do I need to begin?

You should have 3 things ready when you purchase your website...

1) Pictures: At least 5 good quality pictures.

2) Text: Prepare what you want to say on each page.

3) Domain name: (example:

You can purchase your domain name from a domain hosting website such as It takes 2 minutes to buy a domain name and shouldn't cost more than $10 for 1 year.


How quickly will my website be ready?

Your template or pre-built custom website will be fully setup and ready for business within 5 days of receiving all of the required content from you. Custom designed websites are usually ready within 10 days depending on the amount of revisions required.


Can I edit and update my website myself?

Yes all of the websites (except the Chanel Haze template) come with an advanced but easy to use CMS (content management system) so you have total control over your business. Although most clients use their CMS to update information and pictures you do have the ability to do so much more. From adding unlimited extra pages, password protected pages, picture galleries and videos to blogging, setting up a shop and even doing your own SEO. The sky is the limit and I am here to offer dedicated support, whenever needed, as you grow your business.


What if I don't understand how to use the CMS?

It's my job to make sure you are confident using the CMS system and I offer free and unlimited support for the first 30 days so you have plenty of time to become confident editing. You will probably be amazed at how quick, easy and enjoyable editing your website is. But if not... I'm here to help you every step of the way!


Hosting payment failed

to rebill, what do I do?

Please resubscribe within 7 days to keep your site online.